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What is Olaplex?


Olaplex with its patented ingredient is a revolutionary hair repair and breakage prevention treatment. It works on a molecular level to seek out and restore broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage.


The in salon treatment we provide here at The Salon (Louth) is a two step process.


Olaplex No.1 - Bond Multiplier



Beginning The Rebuilding


This concentrated first salon step rebuilds broken disulfide bonds in your hair and begins the process of repairing it and preventing damage by chemical, thermal and mechanical processes and treatments enabling us to do more with your hair's colour through colouring and highlighting.


Olaplex will help provide more vibrant, longer lasting colour for your hair or brighter blondes.

Olaplex No.2 - Bond Perfector


Pursuing Hair Perfection


Our second salon step continues to rebuild and restore any remaining broken bonds ensuring the strongest, shiniest, and healthiest hair possible.

Olaplex - The Cost

Just £10 when added to your hair colour, blonde or highlights service. When added in this way it allows us to push the boundaries of what we can achieve with your hair colour.


Or £25 as a standalone treatment (plus the cost of the blow dry of your choice). Use to repair damaged and neglected hair and restore its integrity prior to undertaking any subsequent colour work.

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