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Hair by Emma


Emma has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has worked at some of the most prestigious hair salons in the area.


She likes to keep her knowledge up to date and regularly attends courses in London to ensure if you visit her you will leave The Salon with a colour / style you will love and hair that will glow with vitality.


Emma enjoys all apects of hairdressing but loves creative cutting and innovative up-do's.


Below are some examples of her work.




Hair By Emma and Daniella (Colour Correction) : Sophie likes to experiment with her hair colour . Having often box dyed it with varying levels of success she was ready to get some professional assistance.
Emma has stripped out the build up of box dye to get to a workable base level and then produced a quirky reverse Ombre by applying lighter roots that melt into bright / intense copper ends.
Daniella has then trimmed and straightened the hair to give a sleek beautiful finish. We think you will agree that the transformation is quite amazing.
To transform your look call 01507 826560 to book a FREE consultation. Or book your hair appointment oline using the widget on the right of this page.
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Regular client Gemma was returning for her eight week colour and cut maintenance appointment and wanted a refresh to her colour and style.
Opting to lose the more brassy tones she chose warmer caramel / chestnut tones to suit the onset of the colder weather. Her long bob was put back into shape and finished with a bit of glamorous bounce instead of her usual straight look.
Emma is pretty booked up for the next few weeks and getting busy in the run up to the Christmas period. If you don't want to be disappointed we recommend you book your Christmas appointment now !!
Call 01507 826560 or book online using the widge on the right of this page.



This 11 year old young lady wanted to make her long hair, easier to manage on a day to day basis.
Emma has re-styled to shoulder length long bob and finished with a super sleek straight look.
Whether you are looking for a re-style, a change of colour or just a blow dry for a big night out, call 01507 826560 to book an appointment now or book online using the widget on the right of this page.
25% discount off all first appointments.
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Leigh wanted a refresh to her Balayage and a change to the colour tones.
Emma has replaced her natural colour with warmer tones through the roots and mid-sections and toned the ends to remove the obvously bleached look.
Finished off with a blunt cut and a glamorous blow dry.
Call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget on the right of this page to get your next appointment booked. We are getting booked up in the run up to the Xmas period but there are still apointments available. Book now to avoid disappointment
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Kate had had her hair coloured elsewhere recently because she had struggled to get booked in with the ever popular Emma.

She was not happy with the results and was desperate to get it sorted out. Luckily a space became available due to a late cancellation.

The moral here though, is if you want to get booked in with your chosen stylist please do it early. Our stylists can get booked up  4-6 weeks in advance at busy times so book early to avoid disappointment and if you want a pre-Christmas appointment we would recommend you book now.

25% discount on all first appointments. Call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget on the right of this page.

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A full head of beautiful fine highlights for regular customer Sophie.
Usually opting for a sleek straight look she opted this time for a glamorous bouncy blow dry. Just stunning :)
Whatever you want for your hair. Cut, colour, re-style, highlights, Olaplex treatment to repair and protect - just give us a call on 01507 826560 or book online using the widget on the right of this page.
25% discount off all first appointments with all of our stylists.
Like our page to be kept up to date of all our latest offers and deals.
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Jennie wanted to refresh her tired looking highlights and create a different look with a re-style.


Emma produced a set of ultra fine full head highlights with Olaplex added to protect the hair from any possible chemical damage and a re-style with a beautiful a-symmetrical bob.

Finished using Tigi heat protector spray any Wella light luminous reflector oil (both available to buy in The Salon ) to give that super sleek salon finish.


** Olaplex Offer **


Buy an Olaplex No 3 takehome solution for £32 (approx 12 week supply) and get a stand-alone full Olaplex "in Salon" treatment worth £25 for FREE!!


Call now on 01507 826560 to book an appointment.




The lovely Nici wanted a complete change to her look without losing too much off the length and needed some TLC for her dry/damaged hair.
Emma has produced a full head colour with blonde "old school" highlights for a bit of dramatic effect. TLC provided by Olaplex. Finished with a trim and that sleek, straight just out of The Salon look.
Emma has some appointments available in the next few weeks due to extending her opening hours (including Mondays) so don't miss the opportunity to get on her books. Call 01507 826560 or book online at www.thesalonlouth.co.uk.
25% Discount off all first appointments.
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P.S. WINTER IS COMING - don't forget to get your Christmas appointment booked. We are taking bookings now and availability is disappearing fast.



The lovely Danielle fancied a bit of glamour. After a quick trim and an Olaplex treatment to repair heat and chemically damaged hair Emma produced a beautiful big and bouncy blow dry for that film star finish.

We can add Olaplex in with your colour or highlights to protect your hair from chemical damage and help you cjhosen colour last longer for just £10 extra. A full standstandalone repair and protect treatment is £25 plus your chosen finish or opt for an Olaplex mini treatment to add a bit of vitality back to your hair.
Ask your stylist about Olaplex when you are in The Salon.
To book an appointment call 01507 826560 or book using the widget on the right of this page. 25% discount off all first appointments and we now open Mondays.



This lovely teenager wanted a re-style to something more manageable day to day than her previous shoulder length style.
A stunning transformation thanks to a "Pixie Cut" was just the ticket. Cropped in layers to create a slightly tousled effect, the Pixie Cut seems to be the goto hairstyle for celebrities wanting to revamp their image and it seems to be making a bit of a comeback this year.
A short style like a Pixie Cut is also very low maintenance day today - just don't forget to book a maintenance cut for 6-8 weeks time to keep the style looking fresh.
To book your re-style call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget on the right of this page - and don't forget 25% discount for all first appointments.



Hair By Emma and Helen: Sue wanted to lose the brassy build up in her hair and re-style it to make it more manageable.
Due to busy appointment books Emma and Helen work together in a tag team type scenario with Emma applying the "warm brown" colour and Helen finishing the style by shortening the length and thinning it out to make it more manageable day to day.
To book an appointment please call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget to the right of this page.
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Hannah was a self confessed hairdresser phobic and was worried about going short with her hair.


After having an initial re-style with highlights and toners about three weeks ago she decided she was ready to go even shorter and this is the result. Looking good Hannah.


To book an appointment with The Salon please call 01507 826560 or book online at www.thesalonlouth.co.uk. We give 25% discount off first appointments.


Check out our special offer on Olaplex treatments for Tuesday 22nd August too. Don't miss out !!


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The lovely Elaine had been dying her own hair for a long time but decided it was time for a change and a bit of TLC for her hair.
Emma has stripped back the old dyes, protecting and repairing the hair with Olaplex, then re-touched the roots, a full head of very fine highlights followed by some toners to give a beautiful multi-tonal effect.
To complete the new look Emma has taken out length and thickness from the hair to make it feel lighter and then straightened the hair to give that super sleek salon finish.
Call 01507 826560 or book online www.thesalonlouth.co.uk and don't forget to ask your stylist about the benefits of adding Olaplex to your colour or highlights for just £10 extra.
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Margaret in her own words was "fed up with the dull frumpy colour" of her hair.


With a full head of highlights Emma has lifted the colour to a bright clean blonde with subtle tones.


Margaret was so happy she said "I couldn't be happier with my new colour and I so happy to have found a hairdresser that listens and gives me exactly what I want."


Well Margaret we are glad you are happy. We are here to give ideas and guidance in the consultation then give you whatever you agree.


To book your first / next appointment call 01507 826560 or book online. Emma is available Mondays from September.




This lady was fed up with the brassy tones of her Ombre and wanted a more natural look.


Using a blend of subtle highlights and lowlights Emma has produced a multi-tonal natural looking colour.

Re-styled to take out thickness and create an on-trend long bob "lob", with that silky smooth "just out of the salon" finish. Beautiful!!!


To book your next re-style, colour or highlights call 01507 826560 or book online using the booking widget to the right of this page.


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ADDED 26th July 2017: This lovely lady had a self-confessed aversion to going to the hairdressers to have anything done to her hair and had been box dying it for years.


Emma cleansed the hair to remove the build up from the box dye then re-coloured and applied subtle highlights to give a natural tonal look. Re-styled to take out length and thickness of the hair and finished with that silky smooth "just out of the salon" look. Beautiful !!


Whether you are looking for a re-style, change of colour or just some TLC for your hair give us a call on 01507 826560 to make your appointment.


Or book online using the widget on right side of this pake.

ADDED 20th July 2017: It's not always about colours and highlights at The Salon (Louth) 


When someone has beautifully coloured hair already it is all about showing it off at it's best.


Here Emma has re-styled this lovely lady's hair into a bob with a slightly "messed up" on-trend finish.


To book your next re-style with the fabulous Emma call 01507 826560 or book online using our booking widget on the right side of this page.


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ADDED 12th July 2017: Fed up with her light and slightly "brassy" tones this lovely lady wanted a more natural colour.


On top of a full head colour Emma has introduced lowlights and highlights to give a subtle multi-tonal look, finished off by renewing her inverted bob style and straightend to give that perfect salon finish.


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To book call 01507 826560 or online using the widget on the right of this page


If you like what you see call 01507 826560 and ask for Emma or book online and choose Emma in the booking widget (see right of page).


In The Salon: Tuesday - Friday (10am til 3pm) and Every Other Saturday


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