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Hair By Helen


Helen is our most experienced hair stylist with nearly 20 years of working in the hairdressing industry.


Helen has alot of passion for cutting and getting creative and prides herself on her attention to detail to ensure that she caters to your specific needs and so you leave The Salon with a personal colour , cut or glamorous blow dry.





Hair By Helen: Libby had grown tired of her long, difficult to manage hair and so she decided it was time for a bit of an overhaul.
In consultation with Helen she opted for a shorter slightly layered cut, that she'd be able to do more with and would be easier to maintain on day to day basis.
Finished with a sleek straight look it brought out her natural healthy shine!
Appointments are going fast now in the run up to the festive period ??? so to avoid disappointment get your appointment booked now.
Call 01507 826560 or book online at the right hand side of this page. 25% discount on all 1st appointments.



Mandy suffers from anxiety and struggles to get out of the house but braved it to get to The Salon this week.
Mandy is trying to grow old layers out so Helen took a few inches off to try and get it close to one length and finished with a nice smooth blow dry to get that "just out of the salon" look.
In her own words Mandy said "I loved the experience. I love my hair that she [Helen] did for me exactly how I wanted it. I would definitely recommend it [The Salon] to anyone."
Come and experience The Salon difference for yourself. Call 01507 826560 or book online at www.thesalonlouth.co.uk.
25% Discount on all first appointments. Don't forget to book now for your Christmas appointment to avoid disappointment ???
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Having gone a light "ashy" blonde in the Summer Ulrika decided on a bit of a change of for Autumn by adding a small amount of low lights to break up the blonde a little.
Having had the same style for many years she also decided she really wanted a change and decided on the ever popular "classic" bob with some layers for texture and a smooth blow dry to finish.
To book your 1st or next appointment with Helen or anyo one of our fantastic stylists call 01507 826560 or book online using the widge on right of page.



Sharon had recently had her hair highlighted elsewhere but was unhappy with the dark undersides and the brassy look of the blonde.
Helen applied a full head of mostly blonde foils but with some slightly darker ones to give a more natural multi tonal look. A soft "ashy" on trend toner was added to remove the unwanted brassy look and finished with a "poker straight" blow dry. Stunning !!
Helen has a few appointments available this week so to get booked in with this amazing stylist and colourist call 01507 826560 or book online using the widge on the right of this page.
25% discount off all 1st appointments and don't forget to book your Christmas appointment too, to avaid disappointment.
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Hannah wanted a change from her all over auburn colour to something a little lighter with more visual impact.


Using Olaplex to protect and repair the hair during the colouring and highlighting process Helen produced a Balayage / highlight combination to produce that lighter look but keeping some of the warmth by adding in soft caramel tones.


The style was finished off with a glamorous bouncy blow dry to show off the colour to best effect. Stunning !!


Helen still has some availability on the coming weeks prior to the Christmas Party and holiday rush. Call 01507 826560 or book online at using the widget ot the right of this page.


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The lovely Kylie felt that her regular use of straighteners was having damaging effects on her hair and wanted Olaplex to repair this damage and protect from further abuse.
SPECIAL OFFER: Taking advantage of our special offer she purchased an Olaplex No 3 take home treatment for £32 and got a FREE Olaplex Standalone Salon treatment worth £25.
The Olaplex Standalone treatment is a concentrated Salon only treatment which re-builds broken di-sulfide bonds in your hair caused my heat and chemical damage from colouring, bleaching, straightening etc), whilst the Olaplex No 3 "bond perfector" maintains your hair at home for up to 12 weeks.
To take advantage of this special offer please call (01507 826560). You can't currently book this offer online.
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Laura decided her hair had no shape and she'd got fed up with feeling she had no style. She had her hair coloured in another salon but didn't like the "yellow brassy" tones.

Helen put in a full head of highlights and complementary lowlights to achieve a better balance of colours. And toned the blonde to give a more "ashy" tone.


Finished with cut into a style she said was more her and given some body witha good lifting blow dry.

We still offer 25% discount for all 1st Appointments so what are you waiting for, get your appointment booked now. Call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget on the right of tis page.


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Lucy had spent around 5 years using a black box dye on her hair and so there was alot of pigment build up. She had become fed up with how dark and 'flat' her hair had become.

Helen spent alot of time bleach bathing as much of the black colour out as possible and using Olaplex allowed her to re-apply the bleach bath until she achieved an ideal shade to work with. Not a job for the faint hearted.


Again using Olaplex helen added few highlights and applied a rich brown everywhere else to brighten and give new dimension to Lucy's hair. A cut and smoothing blow dry and Lucy was one very happy client.


Colour corrections if done in one day like this take alot of time so be prepared. If you are thinking of changing you colour completely we strongly recommend a FREE consultation first. Call 01507 826560 to book yours.


25% discount off all first appointments.




Lisa felt her hair needed brightening up to remove the yellow tones.


Helen did a full head of finely weaved highlights followed by a toner to even out the colour and brighten and whiten the finished result.

Finished with a cut to a classic bob style and blow dried and straightened to give that smooth sleek salon finish.


Whatever you are looking to have done to your hair give The Salon a call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget at the right of this page.


25% discount off all 1st appointments.


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Sophie usually wears extension but recently had them removed and wanted to get her hair as close to the colour of the extensions as possible and give it a bit of TLC.
She had tried to achieve this several times before without success but thanks to Olaplex and Helens magic touch she nailed it and the client was over the moon.
We have various offerings for Olaplex, from adding it in with your colour / highlights to protect your hair from chemical damage, to a deep protect and repair standalone treatment (we also now offer a cheaper mini treatment). Ask your stylist about Olaplex in your consultation and they can add it to your service anytime.
To book an appointment call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget to the right of this page.
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The lovely Amanda is a returning customer and loved what Helen did before. Apart from a subtle change to the tones in the hair there is a beautiful consistency in the finish.


The ability to provide consistency as well as the ability to provide a complete change when required is why people come back to The Salon time and time again.


The latest before photo also emphasises the need to book in every 6-8 weeks to maintain your hair colour and style.


We strongly recommend that you re-book your appointment while at The Salon to ensure you get you stylist of choice.


To book your next appointment call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget at the right side of this page. 






Hair by Helen: Laura is on a mission to recover her hair. She has quite fine hair and has subjected it to a fair amount of abuse through colour and heat damage.

Before Helen worked her magic she had dry split ends and areas that had become very thin/sparse on the ends.


Helen has given the hair a good trim to put some shape back in and set Laura a strict new tlc routine - regular conditioning treatments, regular trims, and to ALWAYS use heat protection!


At The Salon (Louth) we recommend and stock Tigi Haute Iron heat protection spray. Ask your stylist about it.


To book an appointment please call 01507 826560 or book online using the booking widget on right side of this page.


ADDED 26th July 2017  - Attention to detail is key. This lady had a hair colour / highlights at another salon just a few weeks ago but wasn't happy with the results as she felt the hair colour was too golden and not what she wanted. She wanted a much lighter and more natural effect to her hair.


After MANY MANY highlights and some careful toning Helen achieved this beautiful hair colour and a result the lady in question was very happy with.


Helen is pretty booked up but there are still appointments available with her in a few weeks time. If you like what you see here and want to get booked in - don't wait too long. Call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget on the right of this page.

ADDED 18th July 2017: This lady with beautiful long golden locks had her highlights refreshed and finished with a trim and a glamorous bouncy blow dry. Stunning. What more can we say


Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for upcoming news and competitions. Exciting things are happening over the coming weeks and months and the best place to find out is right here.


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ADDED 15th July 2017: This lovely lady had tried several times to get her hair coloured with subtle purple tones and silver highlights at other salons but they kept turning her hair red.


But Helen delivered exactly what she wanted and in her own words "what a fantastic job definitely going back". We look forward to seeing you again Pam.


We are booking up fast and for several weeks in advance so if you want to see our fantastic stylists make sure you book in plenty of time. Call 01507 826560 or book online using the widget on right of this page.

ADDED 5th July 2017: The bob definitely seems to be the must have hairstyle at The Salon (Louth) this season. This lady wanted a re-style after falling out of love with her long un-manageable hair. She decided on a "timeless" bob. Stunning !!


Once you have had a transformational re-style make sure you book your next appointment before you leave to ensure we can help you maintain your new look.


To keep up to date with late deals, special offers, competitions please like our Facebook page.


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If you like what you see call 01507 826560 and ask for Helen or book online and choose Helen in the booking widget (see right of page).



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